bob mobile app

'Bob' ( is an HR management app for companies. In
the desktop web-app, employees and managers can complete many complicated tasks. When we set out to design the mobile app for employees, we had to first define which of all those abilities will be included in it. Since we had limited resources and time to research and build the app, we focused on the most
 simple, must-have daily actions employees need: 
App features
  • Employees can read and compose company messages.
  • Find and contact other employees in the company.
  • View and request time off.
  • Clock in/out of work every day

User experience

Since these interactions are basic and employees would use these on the go it was important to design a clean, pleasant, simple interaction. 

Collaborating with -  
The product team 
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UX researcher  👩‍🔬
Mobile developer:  👨‍💻

Invision prototyping 
Principle prototyping 

Company Announcements in the homepage
View post
Compose post
Find other employees in the company directory
Employees can view/request their time-off
Clock in/out of work.