'Firefly’ is an iPad app for keeping track of the health of your household plants, 2017

A sensor placed in the plants communicates to the iPad:

- the health of the plant (0–100%)

- if it is getting the right amount of sunlight

- if it is getting the right amount of water

The app allows to:

- Quickly assess the state of all of your plants

- Know which plant is which

- Know if any of your plants need help

- Add a new plant and sensor

Single Plant Main Page 
Displayes additional information and instructions about light and water levels

Add a plant flow


When a new sensor is activated,

it is detected by the app and an alert is displayed at the top of the screen


Take a picture of the plant


Find the plant type

The plant type is identified by the image taken 


Give the plant a name

Feature: find better light for your plant using the iPad compass and location 

The optimal spot is matched to the plant type and is found based on the location and the iPad compass: 

The camera turns on, directions to the best spot appear augmented on the image