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Webcomics & Comics books


I love webcomics!

I started my comics blog,, and community in 2010 and I still post new comics whenever I can. Most of my comics are in Hebrew, but there's some translated to English.

"When we were single-cell organisms randomly bumping into each other in primordial ooze" 
"Sometimes I miss the good old courting rituals"

comic books

I issued my own and commissioned comics booklets for the TLV comics fair.

webcomics magazine

In 2017 I launched, with 2 other comics creator friends, 'Ziporharefeshan online webcomics magazine. 
We announce a topic every year and invite local illustrators to send their work on the subject.
Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 0.07.25.png

illustration studies projects

"Grannie's gym": a story based Illustration studies project
Details from a project for illustration studies about Brazil
"Terminal 1": cover image for an online literature magazine
The Jerusalem Orchestra: A branding studies project
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