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B.Design studies project, 2015
the app that turns Facebook comments
into designed posters

My final design studies project is an interactive app that can turn Facebook comments into automatically designed posters. The beta version of the app was online and people could connect with their accounts to create and print their own posters. 

People create tons of content and interactions on social media. This project is about creating a tool for people to continue interacting with comments and give them a lasting presence. 

how it works


- Log in to the app with Facebook

- Choose a comment

- A designed poster is automatically created 

- The poster can be shared, printed and saved to the gallery.  

Automatic design

- Image: the text is scanned and matched with a relevant image from a gallery of illustrations.

- Font: a font is selected.

- Composition: I wanted the automatic design process to be visible, so people can see the layout, image and font being selected and created before their eyes.

- The information of the author and the relationship with the recipient is added to the poster. 

The beta app was live on (no longer available)

examples of posters automatically generated

The posters include data about the author, their relationship with the user and the interactions with the selected comment.


'Welcome' animation in the homepage of the app, built in HTML5

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